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Welcome to My Portfolio

Hello, I'm Duran, a passionate game developer with a strong affinity for games and game development since my childhood. Last year, I ventured into the world of game development in VR using Unity and achieved success with a project during Immersive Techweek.

As I embarked on more ambitious projects, I realized that Unity had its limitations. Thus, I took the initiative to learn Unreal Engine 5, leveraging its powerful features such as VR, Nanite, and Lumen. I have also honed my skills in 3D modeling as a hobby, creating my own models using Blender alongside game development in Unity.

I am deeply passionate about pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and crafting immersive experiences that captivate players. I strive to combine my technical expertise, creativity, and dedication to deliver outstanding projects. Explore my portfolio to witness my skills and the projects I have worked on.